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The International Institute of Egyptology for the Study of Law, Technology and Science in Ancient Egypt, born and will develop permanently having as fundamental premise the need to combine multidisciplinary environments in the investigation of many of the fields that covers Egyptology. 

In this way, in the study of the diverse environments of the Egyptology is necessary to count not only with specialists in History or writing, somewhat basic, but also with Anthropologists, Lawyers, Specialist Doctors in Medicine, Biologists, Engineers or Architects, Pharmacists, and other professions that help to deepen still more in the knowledge of so concrete fields of this old civilization, as can be the methods of construction, its illnesses, Flora and Fauna represented in many of its reliefs and paintings, its techniques of mummification, the rules that governed its society, Justice, Administration, etc. 

Due to it, we have created an International Scientific Committee composed by diverse specialists professional of the necessary disciplines to deepen in the themes of investigation in which the Institute will be centered, thus counting with Egyptologists, Archaeologists, Doctors in its different specialties, Biologists, Lawyers or Engineers. Not only Egyptologists are of recognized prestige, but also these last professionals are immersed in the study of Ancient Egypt, having proved that with their different publications. 



- To Present, every cuple of years, different concrete themes of study inside the field of Egyptology that will be presented in a Congress to celebrate, primary, in the central headquarters of the Institute in Cádiz, Spain. The Acts of each Congress will be published in paper, not in electronic format. 

- To Publish in an Electronic Magazine of Investigation "Indetec Aegyptus Journal of Egyptology (IAJE)", with the previous approval of the Scientific Committee, all the specialized works received. 

- To Promote technical studies in Egyptology and to help their development and attainment,  presenting a Project by investigator and with the previous approval of the Scientific Committee, according to the basis that will be established. 

- To Form specialized personnel in these matters of study, creating specific courses addressed to professionals in Egyptology and to all those interested people . Courses will take place in the form that will be specified, organizing every year one in Egypt and other cities with a recognized egyptological path, with the purpose of knowing "in situ" the different sources used. 


Image above: Examination using the CAT-scanner of the mummy of Djedhor, Akhmin, 250 b.C. British Museum. EA 29776.

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